Right now, this is my one and only game BATTLE FOREVER.

In this arcade Beat 'em Up you can choose between four different caracters. Take your favourite and

start punching the bad guys. The evil Professor S. tries to create the ultimate warrior in order to

conquer the whole country. You have to stop him!


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Take control of a robot and explore a whole planet!

PROJECT SOLARBOT is a metroidvania-esque game which is all about dicovering secrets. 

In order to save your homeworld you need to find as many materials and technology of a planet called Ers as you can. 

Keep in  mind that - since you're a robot - you need electricity to run your systems. You regain energy by using the solarpanels that are installed all over your body. 


Stay in the sun or else your lights will go out.


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+++ NEWS +++

- 19.10.2016 -

Project SolarBot got featured in the "N-Zone"!

The N-Zone is the biggest Nintendo magazine of Germany! 

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- 16.10.2016 -

New Gameplay Trailer!

A new gameplay trailer of Project SolarBot is now available on YouTube!

Please check it out and let me know what you think!

- 02.09.2016 -

Project SolarBot is now on IndieGogo!



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