Battle Forever is a classic arcade Beat 'em Up. Choose between four different characters and get the party started!

Every Character comes with unique special attacks and skills. 

In the campaign mode, your mission is to stop the evil Professor S. He is trying to create the ulitmate warrior in order to conquer the whole country. 

Those dudes are the playable characters. Daan, White, Gake and Alex are close friends since thier childhood. They all have different special attacks, which are based of four different elements. Fire, Darkness, Thunder and Ice.

Fill up your Rage Bar and perform a powerful special attack. Daan for example attacks with a huge explosion which hits a lot of enemies at once pretty hard!

Besides the strong Rage Bar attack there are other differnces between the single characters. You can check them out in the character selection screen. Compare the stats and choose the character that you like the most.

Choose between many different levels and enjoy the scenery. However before you can select a stage, 

you have to unlock them by beating them in the campaign mode. 

Destroy boxes to collect apples or coins. Apples will heal you, while coins increase your points. But be careful! There might be a inconvenient surprise hidden in some boxes.

Just one week before I released the game, I've added achievements to the game. Will you be able to unlock them all?

The real fight begins in the newly added Survival Mode! You have to fight waves of enemies and try to survive as long as possible. Healing items are strictly limited, but you get double the points you would get in the Campaign Mode!

If you want to see some moved pictures, check out this gameplay trailer of

Battle Forever!

Where can I get this game?

You can buy this game on Steam and! Just klick on the their respective pictures on the bottom of this site!


How much do I have to pay for it?

You will get the game on Steam and for 3.99 $.


I want to support you! What can I do?

Thank you, you are awesome!


Well, there are plenty of things you can do for me and my game. First of

all, you can share the shit out of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. 


You can leave a comment there as well. If you are the most awesome 

fan is this world, be sure to leave a positive review on their respective game distribution sites!


Everything helps!