PROJECT SOLARBOT is a metroidvania-esque game. Take control of a - so called - SolarBot and discover a planet called Ers. It is full of creatures, new technology and lots of secrets! Find out what happend to the long faded civilisation that used to live there and maybe even learn from their mistakes!


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The most important thing in Project SolarBot is your energy level. As soon as you run out of SU (Solar Units), you'll drop like a fly. You regain energy by using the sun as an energy source. Solarbot is equipped with solarpanels, which means that all you have to do is to make sure that you don't stay in the shadows for too long.

Make sure that you've checked every stone that crosses your way. Planet Ers is filled with secrets and hidden paths for you to discover. You'll need to upgrade your solarbot as much as you can in order to survive this adventure!

You'll start your journey with little to no upgrades. It's up to you to search, find and equip as many tools and upgrades as possible. Every additional solartank could save your life someday. Not every area on this planet is totally robot friendly!

If you want to learn more about your surroundings you'll need to use your scan visor. Scan your environment and discover ancient technologies, weaknesses of your enemies and of course secrets!

Once you've scanned some of your enemies, surroundings and technology you can check out the database in the main menu. Learn more about the creatures you're about to destroy. Everything in this game once served a purpose. Check everything out and try to understand what happened to the faded civilisation.


As you upgrade your solarbot you'll recognize that not only your equippement improves. The A.I. of your little friend will also improve and suddenly it will perceive that there is more in life than to obey.

During your adventure you'll come across obstacles that you can't overcome yet. Keep those places in mind. For every problem there is a solution. Using your environment is a key element in PROJECT SOLARBOT!

Take this magnetic field for example. If you're equipped with the Magnetic Beam you can switch the poles in order to get a huge jump boost.

If you want to see some moved pictures, check out this gameplay trailer of


Where can I get this game?

Right now the game is not finished. I hope that I can release it by the end of November but I can't promise anything.


I want to support you! What can I do?

Thank you, you are awesome!


Well, there are plenty of things you can do for me and my game. First of

all, you can share the shit out of Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr. 

 You can leave a comment there as well.


Please also consinder checking out the IndieGogo Campaign! Every penny will help to complete my work on this game! 


Everything helps!